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Roof Cleaning For Total Property Care In Burnaby

Roof cleaning

Treat your roof as you would any other part of your Burnaby home- make sure it stays spotless, safe, and sturdy all year round with the help of Axion Pressure Washing's excellent roof cleaning service!

We deal with a lot of humidity year-round in the Burnaby area, and this humid environment is a major enabler of algae growth. While this may not sound very menacing on its own, algae is bad news for your roof. It grows into large streaky patches that trap excess heat from sunlight, making your house work harder to keep itself cool. It also ages asphalt shingles by eating through the limestone components, and it also enables lichen and algae growth, which can lead to trapped moisture, excess weight on your roof, mold growth, and other issues.

While roof cleaning does make your roof look nicer and newer, it's no vanity service- it's a crucial part of your home's maintenance! When cleaning such a delicate area, though, it always pays to go the professional route- so don't settle for anything less than the best pressure washing for Burnaby! Axion Pressure Washing is committed to delivering the best roof cleaning in Burnaby with our attention to detail and commitment to safety- not to mention our friendly and efficient attitude!

If you'd like to plan out a roof cleaning today, give us a call at 778-951-5936. We'd be glad to offer you a free quote and get you started down the road to a better roof!

Soft Wash Roof Washing Tactics

When doing roof cleaning, safety is key. Despite being built to withstand storms and other harsh conditions, your roof is a surprisingly fragile area that can be easily damaged by improper cleaning. While traditional pressure washing has many benefits for cleaning harder, more sturdy areas, it has no place on your roof where it can easily shatter roof tiles and shear off shingles!

Safety is first and foremost in our minds, which is why we don't bother with traditional pressure washing for our roof cleaning jobs. We use soft washing instead! Rather than blasting mess off of your roof with highly pressurized water, we treat your shingles to a gentle detergent-based shower. These detergents will kill algae and other unwanted growth as well as their spores while breaking down any other stains and debris on your roof. Once the detergent has had time to work, we rinse it away to reveal- voila!- a spotless roof!

Easy Eavestrough Care

Your roof care goes beyond just cleaning your shingles. The condition of your eavestroughs can have a major effect on your roof- and indeed, on your house in general. Debris and blockages in your eavestroughs leave your home vulnerable to water damage from rain and snow.

Don't worry- we've got you covered. Axion Pressure Washing offers excellent gutter cleaning care to keep your eavestroughs safe, sturdy, and debris-free. If you're getting your roof cleaning done through us, ask about our gutter cleaning service as well!

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