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Pressure Washing Services To Blast Away Dirt & Debris From Your Burnaby Property

Pressure washing

If you need a premium provider of pressure washing services for your Burnaby home or business, you can't beat Axion Pressure Washing. Pressure washing is a quick and effective means of removing old and heavy-duty stains, perfect for cleaning up concrete, brick, and other hard-to-clean surfaces.

While pressure washing is an excellent cleaning tool, it's also a very intense one with thousands of PSI behind it. Pressure washing in untrained hands can lead to cosmetic damage, property damage, or even physical harm. If you're thinking of having pressure washing work done on your property, it pays to go the professional route.

There's a reason why Axion Pressure Washing is the finest team in pressure washing for Burnaby. All of our excellent pressure washing services are provided by seasoned technicians with years of experience behind them. With our expertise, our high-grade equipment, and our keen eyes for detail, we provide an outstanding level of spotless cleaning service safely and efficiently!

So what pressure washing services can we offer you? The sky's the limit! With standard pressure washing services, power washing, and soft washing, we have the means to take on just about any job. Our pressure washing is perfect for cleaning concrete areas like sidewalks and driveways, brick surfaces, and paved areas, or for removing especially hard-to-clean messes like grease stains or graffiti.

Our pressure washing services can be customized to fit your specific needs. If you're interested in having your property pressure washed, get in touch with us at 778-951-5936 We'd be glad to write up a free quote with you and get started on building a custom cleaning plan that'll have your property looking its best in no time!

Power Washing

Sometimes standard pressure washing isn't strong enough for super-serious jobs. When the going gets tough, that's when we turn up the heat- literally- with hot water power washing. The combined effects of the heat and the high-pressure spray are enough to defeat even the toughest stains.

Power washing is ideal for sanitizing contaminated areas, large commercial cleanup work on spaces like parking lots and loading docks, or for heavy stain cleanup jobs like graffiti removal. If you need to pack a punch, our power washing can do just that.

Gentle Soft Washing Services

When washing areas such as roofs, windows, or sidings, we typically take a low-pressure route and use soft washing for a safe, gentle clean. We use eco-friendly detergents designed to kill algae, mold, and similar substances while breaking up stains. It's the perfect cleaning solution when high-PSI pressure washing is too risky. If you're looking for spotless sidings, sparkling windows, and a stainless rooftop for your property, soft washing is the right choice for you!

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