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Good Reasons To Schedule A House Washing

Good reasons to schedule a house washing

House washing: a simple but effective way to help your home look and be its best. It's a quick way to not only make your home more aesthetically pleasing but to keep its sidings in good healthy condition as well. People like to plan out their cleaning services ahead of time, and if you're interested in booking a house washing, you may be wondering when or why to schedule one.

While there's rarely a bad time to have your house washed (the only time we'd discourage house washing is in the deep midwinter with freezing temps), there are a few times and situations where a house washing is optimal. Here are a few good reasons to plan a house washing.

When You Want To Repaint Your Home

If your old paint on your sidings is chipping, or if you're thinking of having your sidings resealed, get them washed first! Before you can apply any new paint or sealant, you need to make sure your work surface is clean first, so that you're not painting over any grit or dirt. A thorough house washing leaves you with a perfect canvas to work your magic! Plus, if you're planning on repainting your sidings, you'll want to get rid of the old chipping paint first- and careful pressure washing can help remove old paint from sidings!

After A Serious Storm

Big storms can kick up a lot of dirt and mess and spread it all over your sidings. This mess can carry nasty invaders such as mold spores, which can wreak havoc on your home if left to grow unchecked. A good way to ensure that nasty microbial organisms don't overtake your home is to have your home washed shortly after a storm or similar event stirs up the mess. Pressure washing the exterior walls with hot water or an antifungal detergent can kill mold and spores before they can cause trouble.

When You See Algae Or Mold Growth

If you're seeing ugly green or black growths all over your sidings, that's a sure sign that your house is due for a washing. Not only do algae and mold make your exterior walls look gross and aged, but they're also just really bad structurally. These substances stain and deteriorate surfaces, and mold especially can be extremely harmful, eating through wood and crumbling brick. A professional house washing expert can clean your exterior walls with an antimicrobial detergent that should take care of the problem

If It's Been Over A Year Since Your Last House Washing

House washing should be done about every 6-12 months for optimal results. If it's been longer than that since your exterior walls were last cleaned, then they're overdue. Algae and mold spores can collect on surfaces even when their growth isn't obvious, as well as other contaminants such as pollen and bacteria.

Aside from the health and structural risks, the slow buildup of dirt and grime makes your sidings look duller over time. If your exteriors haven't been washed in a long time, you'll be amazed just how much brighter and better they'll look after a professional cleaning!

If your Burnaby house is in need of high-quality house washing, treat it to the best with Axion Pressure Washing. House washing is one of the things we do best. If you're curious about having us clean your home, call us and get a free estimate at 778-951-5936 today.

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