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Dependable Pressure Washing Company Serving Burnaby, BC

Gutter cleaning

If you need expert pressure washing services for your Burnaby home or business, you've come to the right place! Axion Pressure Washing is here to help Burnaby locals fall back in love with their properties by washing away years worth of dirt, grime, and stains!

Our founder, Thiago, started this company after years of working in the pressure washing field, combining his professionalism and expertise with the passion and drive he had to follow his own journey. Axion Pressure Washing is a local family-owned company with a dedicated team of experienced technicians set on delivering flawless service. We hold ourselves to high standards, prioritizing quick, friendly communication with our clients and spotless and safe cleaning!

We are proud to offer custom pressure washing and soft washing services for both residential and commercial properties. We also offer several specific surfaces such as roof cleaning, house washing, and window cleaning, perfect for improving a home's curb appeal. If you're ready for the dream clean-up for your Burnaby property, take the next step and get in touch! Call us at 778-951-5936 and we'd be glad to offer you a free estimate for your Burnaby property. We look forward to welcoming you to our family!

Top-Of-The-Line Pressure Washing For Burnaby

If you need a fast and effective way to eliminate old messes or serious stains on your property's exteriors, pressure washing is ideal. It's fast, minimally disruptive, and more environmentally friendly than most other heavy-duty cleaning methods. If you have extremely cleaning-resistant stains, such as tar, oil slicks, or paint, we can crank up the heat with our hot-water power washing to send that mess packing for good.

Our team of licensed and insured professionals utilizes top-quality equipment and eco-friendly cleaning detergents. We have had great success helping clients finally eliminate old stains and contamination that had been plaguing them for so long. If you've got a big mess that needs a quick clean-up, we can help.

Fantastic Driveway Washing In Burnaby

One of the most common applications of pressure washing is concrete care like sidewalk and driveway washing. Driveway washing keeps your driveway bright and stain-free, but did you know it also helps your driveway last longer?

Your driveway is built to take a lot of punishment, but it's not invulnerable. Auto grease, chemical contamination, rock salt, and other corrosive elements can slowly weaken and break down your concrete, leading to cracking and crumbling. By having your driveway washed just twice a year, you can protect your driveway from the corrosive effects of this pollution. For a clean driveway that's as sturdy as it is spotless, choose Axion Pressure Washing!

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